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Transforming statements into equations help

  1. Aug 15, 2013 #1
    I am having difficulty of making equations from the following statement...

    "A baseball team won 54 more games than it lost"??
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    Hey kashan123999.

    Hint: When you come across a mathematical problem, think about what the independent variables.

    As an example. if x is the number of games won and y is the number of games lost then you have the relationship

    x = y + 54 and
    x + y = n where n is the total number of games played.
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    i still couldn't get that x = y + 54... i could comprehend the expression y + 54 but wasn't able to put equality against something...how that is equal to total no. of games won :'(
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    Look at it this way:

    W = no. of games won
    L = no. of games lost
    T = total no. of games

    In baseball, games are played so that there are no ties in the score.

    Obviously, the total number of games = no. of games won by a team plus the number of games lost.

    So we have our first equation: T = W + L

    Now, the second equation is no. of wins = no. of losses + 54. 'Team won 54 more games than it lost.'

    We would write this in equation form: W = L + 54
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    But sir do check that: I am not getting the correct answer

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    Same question, same author, in Homework & Coursework Questions section. The guidance there should be very useful.
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