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Transition metal organometallics and the 18th rule

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    Hello everybody,

    I have some problems in order to count the electrons in compound using the 18th electrons rule.

    In the compound [(BuO)3 Mo Mo (OBu)3] I count 12 electrons (6 e- for Mo, 3 * 1e- for Metal-Metal bound, and 3 * 1e- for OBu). Is it correct?

    In the compound W(CO)3(P Pr3)2(H2) I count 16 electrons (6 e- for W, 3 * 2e- for CO and 2*2e- for P Pr3). Is it correct?

    Moreover, it exist exceptions to the 18-electron rule.
    Why cannot V(CO)6 dimerize?
    What about the compound Mo2(OSiMe3)6 and W(Me6)?

    Why are Metallocenes [M (C5H5)2] are only known for M = V to Ni ?

    I thank you very much for your help
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