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Traveling at c, how long to the edge of the solar system from earth?

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    I was just wondering, how long would it take to travel from earth to the edge of our solor system if we were traveling at the speed of light? and how long would it take to get from earth to the furthest we can see into space at the moment?
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    well for the answers to that, you got to know how long or far the solar sstem is first. i not very sure if any noe knows though...
    but with the speed of light... it should not take that long.
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    Depends on what definition you have on "edge of solar system", you can google a bit about distance to pluto etc. But the solar system does not end with pluto, there are more bodies outside.

    The most furthest object that we can see with a naked eye from earth is the andromeda galaxy, approx 2 500 000 Ly away.
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    Like others have mentioned it depends on how one defines the edge of the solar system. i'd be tempted to say the edge of the Kuiper belt is the edge of the solar system, which is (arguably) 55-80 AU from the sun. 55 AU is the edge of the main body of the belt but there are other objects orbiting up to 80 AU away but they are fewer and further between. Using those distances it takes light about 7 - 12 hours to get from Earth to 'the edge'.
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