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Trouble downloading mathematica packages - probably a very quick solution

  1. Mar 23, 2012 #1
    Hello, having usually used MatLab, I am just beginning to use Mathematica. I am having trouble locating packages, however. In particular, I'd like to download:

    http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/VectorAnalysis/tutorial/VectorAnalysis.html (Vector Analysis)

    http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/VariationalMethods/tutorial/VariationalMethods.html (Variational Methods)

    Nonetheless, while I can find ample information about using the package on the website, I cannot actually find a download link. I am looking in the wrong place, or am I just oblivious? I honestly cannot find it.
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    I cannot be certain that your installation of Mathematica is all in place, but if it is then the standard packages should already be installed in the Mathematica directories and all you need to do is to pull them in at the beginning of your notebook session.

    The url you show demonstrates this. For example


    followed by <shift><enter> should be enough to pull in the VectorAnalysis package.

    You can then do something like the second line


    and you should get the same output that the url shows.

    IF you are trying to pull in some package that someone else wrote and that you need to grab from the net and put where Mathematica can find it then the process is almost the same, you just need to put it into an appropriate directory or give Mathematica a path to where you put it, but for the two you show you should not need to do that extra step.
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    Hello, sorry about the delay, but I was trying your solution.

    Unfortunately, when I enter <<VectorAnalysis into a notebook, followed by the shift and enter, it responds "Get::nopen : Cannot open VectorAnalysis." I have gone into the program files and cannot seem to find the VectorAnalysis package. I tried a reinstallation, but that did not work.

    This is a pirated copy of mathematica, but no one else has voiced complaints (out of the 600+ seeders, 10 of which are my friends).
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