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Install custom Latex package for senior thesis!

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    Hi guys! I need some Latex help, so I'll try to be a descriptive as I can,

    I need to create a cover sheet for my senior thesis, and I'm trying to use the Latex format designed by my school, which uses a custom package called "ucscthesisbs" that I have to install in order to have the correct cover sheet format. I'm relatively new to Latex, and I'm finding this task impossible. I have a directory of various files I am assuming relate to the package. This directory is open to all and can be found here:


    I downloaded all of these files onto my computer for good measure, they are all in the same directory as the one my thesis tex file is in.

    I see that there is a file in the directory whose link I just posted called "how to format", which contains command lines I have surmised that I am supposed to enter into windows command prompt in order to install the package. I attempted this, but it goes wrong at the very beginning, as windows command spits back at me:
    This is pdfTex, Version 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.12 <MikTex 2.9 64-bit>
    entering extended mode
    ! I can't find file 'ucscbstest'
    <*> ucscbstest

    Please type another input file name:
    I tried just continuing with the commands I was given, but it did not work. I tried typing in the full file extension, hoping latex would find it, but it did not. So I'm kinda stuck, and in need of some help. How do I go about installing this package?

    (I'm using TeXstudio, if that matters at all.)

    Thanks for any help!
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