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Homework Help: True or false/correct if statement is false help

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    N is the same as Kg/m/s^2. False....K.g/M/s^2.?

    It is easier to sweep with a brown if your hand is further up on the handle. true?

    a screw with fewer threads is easier to use than a screw of the same size with more threads.-true?

    water at 4^0C is lighter than at 4.1^0C. True?

    ice can release heat-true?
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    1) False. A Newton is a kilogram meter per second squared (kgm/s2).

    2) True. Torque = Force x radius. More radius means less applied force.

    3) Not sure, although most of these you could look up online.

    4) The water would be less dense at 4 deg C, I suppose, but not lighter. That would have to do with gravity.

    5) Only true if the surroundings are colder than the ice itself. Heat migrates from warmer to colder.
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    More dense at 4 deg C. That's the maximum density temperature for water. You are right it will be not lighter though.
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