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Trying to find a paper by N.A. Kozyrev

  1. Sep 18, 2012 #1
    I've been looking for some of N.A. Kozyrev's papers for quite a while now, and I figured maybe I should ask here, since I'm sure atleast one of you has had to, at one point in time or another, had to find a research paper.

    The difficulty I've been having in finding his papers come from a number of things. One, he was russian -- as of such, I do not know if his papers were written in english, or russian, or in one and translated to the other, or any number of other possibilities. To worsen this, I do not know which paper(s) I am looking for! The one(s) I'm trying to find, are where he defines physical properties of time.

    If anyone has any methods on how I could find the paper(s), or knows the names of the papers, please tell me.

    Sincerely, BlankInfinity
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    BlankInfinity, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Have you done a Google search? Why not just start here and then explore the references given therein:

    Also, a Google search gives many more hits about Professor N. Kozyrev, including some about his work on the physical properties of time.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I'm sorry, I was rushing while writing the first post, and as of such, it isn't very clear. I have a copy of Kozyrev's "Possibility of experimental study of properties of time" and the majority of "On some properties of time, discovered by astronomical observations," however, there is another one I'm looking for. I have seen it referenced to many times, and the only thing that remains the same is that it is 488 pages long, and was published by Leningrad state University. I've seen the name in various forms, the most common of which are "Selected works" and "Selected transactions" - This I believe to have been caused by the different languages, and because of this, I'm unsure of its proper name. (Sorry for stating that so unclearly in my original post).

    I've Looked through both Wikipedia (in English and Russian) and many (oh so many!) Google searches for the paper to little avail. I have also attempted to email Leningrad State University, since they published it, but have yet to recieve a response.

    With how many times I've seen it referenced, I feel like I'm missing something extremely obvious, but have yet to realize what that thing is.

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    That doesn't look like a single "paper", but rather a whole book, i.e. a collection of papers.

    You might try searching through catalogs of large university libraries. You'd probably have to visit each one's web site individually and use their own search engines.
  6. Sep 19, 2012 #5
    Thank you!
    I cannot express my gratitude enough! I've been looking what seems like an eternity, and, thanks to you, I finally found a copy! Now to find out how to get my friend to translate it for me, haha...Thank you!
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