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New to the Forum & Need Paper Subject Suggestions

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    Hi y'all, im new to the physics forums. I really like Astronomy and Physics. This is a sort of a homework question but I couldn't find the right category to put it in. I have an english paper due soon and I need to find a topic. The paper is supposed to be about a controversial issue. I've been trying to find a subject related to physics or astronomy but can't find anything. If any of you know any controversial physics topics I would love to hear them and greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)
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    There is a forum for homework stuff, but adminswill move the thread to the right place

    A controversial issue is relativity and quantuum physics maybe
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    Cool, thank you very much!
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    If you want something somewhat less technical, then you could write about the value of organizations such as SETI and similar searched for intelligent life.

    Another issue is the value of human spaceflight and enterprises such as the ISS.
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