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B Tuned mass dampers in Taipei 101

  1. Jan 13, 2017 #1
    When I was in lesson today, our physics teacher mentioned a device called tuned mass dampers in Taipei 101 to reduced the effect of earthquakes. What he said is that when the building shifts to the right, and there will be a mechanism for the big ball (the damper) to shift to the left to counteract, and vice versa. The question I have is that wouldn't the shift of the damper be an internal force, so how does that changed anything resulted by the earthquakes waves, an external force. I mean the movement of the damper should not shift the centre of mass if the whole thing. Thanks in advance.
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    A heavy mass up near the top so that when the base is shaken the building doesn't sway as much as it otherwise would. I don't know specifically about tuning, just that you would need to be mindful of its natural resonances.
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    Of course it does, but that isn't the point. Rather the delay and thus movement in counter phase to dampen the oscillation.
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    why would the centre of mass of the damper+the building change if we just move the damper, aren't they the internal force of the same system
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    If only the damper moves, then the centre of mass of damper+building also moves. But that isn't even what is happening or the point of the system.
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