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LaTeX Tweaking Latex rendering (for GitHub pages)

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    Hi there - I'm experimenting with using GitHub pages in combination with Jekyll to make a blog that allows me to write Latex equations. I've noticed is that the rendered output looks slightly different, spacing-wise, from latex rendering here. In particular I find that a \frac will actually touch what follows it when there needs to be a bit of space in between.

    To solve I've used a \<space> after the \frac but does anyone know what config setting physicsforums use? I'd like to dig around to see what tweaking is possible on GitHub pages but I'm not sure what to look for.

    It's worth mentioning that I'm a total Latex newb as well.
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    Perhaps @Greg Bernhardt can answer this question.

    Our site uses MathPad for latex rendering so that's another place where you can look for answers.
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    I think you mean MathJax :wink:
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    Check Wordpress, they have a good implementation for LaTeX
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    I played around with Wordpress but by default they add drop-shadows to all equations whether they're mid-paragraph or not (!) I've learned that to remove the shadows you have to pay in order to get the level of control you need. So I switched to Github Pages - which is pretty slick actually, especially since everything you write is in a git repo and therefore you can have a local copy at all times. I like it because you write in a simplified grammar called "Markdown" which is much like editing a wiki but adding MathJax equations is similar to adding equations here on PhysicsForums ... use $$ <equation> $$

    Anyways, does anyone know what little tweaks to the default MathJax rendering configuration were done here at physicsforums? @Greg Bernhardt?
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    The config is available by viewing the source of any PF page (nearly). It's between the head tags.
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    Doh! Thanks - as you can see I'm still learning how all this www stuff works LOL!
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