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Homework Help: Two-Dimensional Motion

  1. Sep 25, 2007 #1
    Im getting really frustrated ive figured a way to get the right answer for alot of two dimensional motion problems but i cannnott figure out what formulas to use when o use them can anyone give me a list of formulas used to solve these types of problems

    another question is Why do two horizontal projectiles dropped from the same height at the same time hit the ground at the same time even if their horizontal velocities are different

    can sopmeone pleasee help
    An athlete in the Olympics throws ashot put. The shot put is in the air for 1.89 seconds and lands 6.7 meters away horizontally. Calculate the intial vertical and horizontal components of the shot puts angular velocity. (horizontal velocity = Vi (cos 0), initialy veritcal = Vi(sin 0)
    i have no idea where to start in this one but

    A golf ball lands 123.0 m horizontally away from its position after being stuck. If the ball has an angular velocity of 40.0 m./s and is in the air a total of 6.0 seconds calculate the angle at which the ball was launched

    please i have no idea people wont answer cause i cant show work but i dont know what to dooooo pleaseeee somone help me
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