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Two types of college - where to go?

  1. Jun 17, 2012 #1
    I'm confused between two colleges. One has an excellent campus life with lots of co-curriculur activities and is famous while other is a comparatively new one and not that famous. However academic-wise it is slightly better and is unique as it gives research opportunities at undergraduate level. But the co-curriculur activites are low and the infrastructure is not that good comparitively.
    Where should i go?
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    What's more important to you? The campus & structure or the possibility to do academic research?

    From a bit of personal experience: my high school building used to be that of an old, shabby shoe factory house. We had a lot of structural problems and almost non-existent extra-curricolar activities, but the learning environment was strong and based on the shared will (of students and teachers) to make those five years of high school education powerful and solid, so that we could get out with a full package of knowledge and competencies on our shoulders. So it was. :)

    Just ask yourself what you really care about-- the answer will also ease your confusion.

    Good luck! ^_^
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