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Undergraduate Summer Research: UToronto or UWaterloo?

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    Choices, choices.

    I was offered NSERC positions from both places for 16 weeks in the summer, and obviously I have to pick one. The research topics are similar and both interesting to me, and the pay is almost the same.

    All I know is that these two universities are both famous and have good physics departments, but I would like to know more about them. I have to decide by next week so I can't pay any of them a visit. If anyone here knows about one or both of the physics department/professors please share some information with me, and I would really appreciate that!

    Thanks a lot!
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    I had Quantum 1 with Norbert at UW. Seemed to be a nice enough fellow, decent lecturer, good humoured, and gave a very mathematical introduction to Quantum.

    As you no doubt know, Waterloo is home to the institute for quantum computing, if you are into quantum computing or information then it is no doubt the place to be, otherwise I believe UofT has a stronger physics department on the whole.
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