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Understanding this Computer program

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    Below is a computer program for Mathematica that details how to calculate the Lyapunov exponent of a differential equation. What is the purpose of the code colored in red?

    deq1 =-(y1[t]+ z1[t]);
    deq2 = x1[t]+0.1 y1[t];
    deq3 =0.2+ x1[t] z1[t]-5.7 z1[t];

    deq4 =-(y2[t]+ z2[t]);
    deq5 = x2[t]+0.1 y2[t];
    deq6 =0.2+ x2[t] z2[t]-5.7 z2[t];

    x10 =1; y10 =1; z10 =1;
    dx0 =10^-8;
    x20 = x10 + dx0; y20 = y10; z20 = z10;
    tin =0; tfin =10000;
    tstep =1;
    acc =12;

    lcedata ={};
    sum =0;

    d0 =Sqrt[(x10 - x20)^2+(y10 - y20)^2+(z10 - z20)^2];

    For[i =1, i < tfin/tstep, i++,

    sdeq ={x1'[t]== deq1, y1'[t]== deq2, z1'[t]== deq3,
    x2'[t]== deq4, y2'[t]== deq5, z2'[t]== deq6, x1[0]== x10,
    y1[0]== y10, z1[0]== z10, x2[0]== x20, y2[0]== y20,
    z2[0]== z20};
    sol =NDSolve[
    sdeq,{x1[t], y1[t], z1[t], x2[t], y2[t], z2[t]},{t,0, tstep},MaxSteps->Infinity,Method->"Adams",PrecisionGoal-> acc,AccuracyGoal-> acc];

    xx1[t_]= x1[t]/. sol[[1]];
    yy1[t_]= y1[t]/. sol[[1]];
    zz1[t_]= z1[t]/. sol[[1]];

    xx2[t_]= x2[t]/. sol[[1]];
    yy2[t_]= y2[t]/. sol[[1]];
    zz2[t_]= z2[t]/. sol[[1]];

    d1 =Sqrt[(xx1[tstep]- xx2[tstep])^2+(yy1[tstep]- yy2[tstep])^2+(zz1[tstep]- zz2[tstep])^2];

    sum +=Log[d1/d0];
    dlce = sum/(tstep*i);AppendTo[lcedata,{tstep*i,Log10[dlce]}];

    w1 =(xx1[tstep]- xx2[tstep])*(d0/d1);
    w2 =(yy1[tstep]- yy2[tstep])*(d0/d1);
    w3 =(zz1[tstep]- zz2[tstep])*(d0/d1);

    x10 = xx1[tstep];
    y10 = yy1[tstep];
    z10 = zz1[tstep];

    x20 = x10 + w1;
    y20 = y10 + w2;
    z20 = z10 + w3;

    i = i++;

    If[Mod[tstep*i,100]==0,Print[" For t = ", tstep*i," , "," LCE = ", dlce]]


    S0 =ListPlot[{lcedata},Frame->True,Axes->False,PlotRange->All,Joined->True,FrameLabel->{"t","log10(LCE)"},FrameStyle->Directive["Helvetica",17],ImageSize->550]

    The link to the code: http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/17593/lyapunov-exponent/17608#17608
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    This is how you numerically integrate a function computationally.

    As an example, say you want to integrate dy=2xdx over some interval of 0 to 5

    Then you'd do something like this:

    Code (Text):

    dx = 0.01
    x = 0
    y = 0
    For i from 0 to 500
      x = x + dx
      dy = 2 * x * dx
      y = y + dy
      Print x,y
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    I don't think that answers my question.
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