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Unexplained Experiments for new physics

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    It seem that internal conflicts in theoretical explanation are not good enougth to change the present state of phisics. That is, even dought we have chargeless, spinless, massless photons, or colored quarks, or dark matter an energy, entities of wich we know very little more than the fact that they are discribed by the solution of some equation (and that seem to fit with the experiments), we cannot abandon our present theory until we find a new, more general, one. It is my belive that, in order to do that it is Nature the one that has to lead the way, and in modern sicense, that means an "experiment" that cant be understood by our present frame of work. But now that I think about it, I know of a lot of "open" theoretical problems, but very few experiments without satisfactory explanation. So I open this thread to see if we can make a collection of this sort of "experimental open problems"
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    :surprised But the "observation" of dark matter and dark energy (of their effects) *ARE* open experiemental problems!! Those are effects that were observed first and are still in need of a theoretical explanation!
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    Ok then, we have dark matter, and dark energy. Althoug am working in dark matter issues, It would be better if someone else explaind the actuall problem, so I keep the my own bias out of the description.

    Maybe nrqed could help. Are you intrested in a very short description in this topic?
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