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Unification makes me wonder what things we would actually understand

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    When I think about unification it makes me wonder what things we would actually answer because of it... Would unification be a law that covers all areas of the universe, inter-dimensional or not, even the unknown? It makes me think about a lot of the unknown that we simply have no answers to. One particular area being the theory of ghosts, spirits, demons; heaven and hell. There's so many things we don't have answers to that would be answered, or could be answered by a unified theory.

    Take evolution, a magnificent theory that we see for our selves right in front of our face, yet it has so many areas we need answers to to understand it to it's fullest. It could quite possibly be another moment like that of the world being flat or Earth being the centre of the universe. The world we know it today could be an entirely different place in the future because of one grand discovery.

    But what would we really find? Is there even a unified theory? Or is the universe simply to complex for it to be governed by one single theory?

    What are your opinions on it all?
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    I think that by "unification" you mean a Unified Field Theory. Why do you insist upon asking physics questions in the philosophy forum?
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    Gotta tell you, as a physicist, the OP really looks like a philosophy question. :smile:
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    Could you elaborate a little?
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    From your OP its hard to understand and answer. are you talking about a physics theory or some type of philosophical answer to unify our world as we know it
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    You refer to alternate dimensions, ghosts, spirits, and the "unknown", when we have no real physical basis on which to discuss those.

    You discuss whether or not a "grand unified theory of physics" exists. The persuit of it is physics. The discussion of whether it exists is not.
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    Ahh, I see. Wow, it's really hard knowing where to put stuff, kind of ironic in a way.
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    I think we ought to leave ghosts, demons and other hallucinations out of it, and just stick with what we're able to observe and connect with meticulous logic.

    So is the correlation violation in Bell's Inequality due to quantum tunnelling? Is that why the correlation violation propagates instantaneously? What is the mechanism by which quantum tunnelling occurs, if it is independent of spatial displacement?

    Bell's Inequality cannot transmit information, but can quantum tunnelling transmit information? Can quantum tunnelling be used to communicate with?
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