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Universal constants changing into new ones?

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    Just a quick question: the transition between pre-big bang to post big bang (if it occured) required a change in physical constants (our universe is ever-expanding while the preBB universe was not). How can these constants change themsevels into new constants like that? This would seem to require laws which are defined by "constants" that could change into new constants. Meaning that they weren't constants in the first place, and thus the laws were variables/chaotic laws incapable of governing any sort of meaningful process. This is contradictory to our universe which IS governed by established laws and universal contsants.

    Is there any physics explanation for this?
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    Since we have no information about "pre-big bang", how are you able to know that it "required a change in physical constants"? How do you KNOW that such physical constants even existed?

    I would strongly recommend you review the https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=5374" that you had agreed to. Play particular attention on speculative theory. Since your post/question will require A LOT of such speculative answers, this thread simply cannot be addressed without violating our Guidelines.

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