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Universe is infinite-no beginning and no end

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    It makes no mathematical logic to say the universe started with a minute pinhead sized mass that suddenly exploded and start expanding. If this were true, then what entity is the mass expanding into? Humans must accept that the universe is infinite and unbounded... with no beginning and no end. Sorry, but some things have no logical explanation.
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    You have a very serious misconception about the standard model of cosmology and the big bang theory.

    To start, we do believe that it is very possible the universe is both unbound and infinite in extent. The big bang theory never says the universe, as a whole, was ever the size of a pinhead. It merely says that the density increases as we go further back in time. However we can take the OBSERVABLE universe and say that at X point in time it was the size of a pinhead. But this is only referring to the observable universe, not the whole universe.

    Also, the big bang theory does not deal with the origin of the universe. What happened at and before t=0 in our model is unknown. It is possible that the universe has no beginning and no end. We simply don't know.

    As for expansion, it was not an "explosion" in the normal sense. It merely means that all objects not bound to each other through one of the fundamental forces of nature are getting further apart over time. There is no expansion into any pre-existing space as a regular explosion would require.
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    Drakkith covered the major points you were not aware of in cosmology.

    this link has two articles that will also help


    I also recommend you read the FAQ section on this forum, their is numerous articles to clarify the misconceptions you have on the BB model
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    You can't just state something as true without any theory or evidence to back it up. These are science forums.
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