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The New Beginning is an annual professional wrestling event promoted by New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). The event has been held since 2011 as a pay-per-view (PPV). From 2013 to 2014, the event also aired outside Japan as an internet pay-per-view (iPPV). Since 2015, the event has aired worldwide on NJPW's internet streaming site, NJPW World. The event is held in February, the month following NJPW's biggest annual event, the January 4 Dome Show, usually the culmination point of major storylines. As the name of the event suggests, it marks the beginning of a new year for the promotion. Since 2012, the event is mainly held at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium (also known as Bodymaker Colosseum and Edion Arena Osaka) in Osaka.

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  1. Username34

    Leibniz's idealism is often ridiculed but...

    If the universe is entirely deterministic, would that not necessarily connect the beginning to the end in such a way that they exchange each other? And as such, wouldn't it mean that we live in Leibnitz's best of all worlds practically speaking, simply because it can't be any different? ...
  2. S

    Programs I want to enroll in a beginning programming course

    Long ago I studied one and only one beginning programming course. The only requirement or prerequisite was a couple of remedial Mathematics courses (Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and maybe Trigonometry). No other computer courses needed as prerequisites. With much struggling, I earned a C. The...
  3. T

    I Voyager Spacecraft beginning to Power Down

    An interesting article on some of the history of, and discoveries by, the 44+ year old Voyager spacecraft s. The bean counters originally planned a 4 year mission for Voyagers 1&2. However, the scientists and engineers involved saw a golden opportunity that wouldn't repeat for another 176...
  4. Physics Slayer

    B Black hole at the beginning of time

    If all the matter was condensed to a single point at the beginning of the universe, then why didn't it all collapse into a black hole? I have heard speculation that the laws of physics change with time, is this the reason why there was no black hole at the beginning or is the reason more...
  5. G

    B Can particles appear from "actual" nothing including no space?

    Hi and thank you for answering questions on complex subjects like this. I’m a non-scientist who is jealous of your brain capacity! Recently, in a discussion with a chemist, he said the particles appearing from nothing might have been the initial cause of the universe. I’m familiar with the...
  6. A

    Physics Beginning Physics Studies at Age 39: Is it Nuts?

    From a cursory glance, this seems to be a commonly posed question. While, I do apologize for what may be duplication, I hope people will keep in mind that as each individual's circumstances are unique, so may the opinions & answers they engender. I am considering going back to university to...
  7. BillTre

    Another Kīlauea Eruption seems to be beginning

    Volcanic activity has once again been picking up at in the Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii. There have been earthquakes, swelling of parts of the volcano, and now lava sightings. Two years ago Kīlauea had an extensive and destructive eruption out of a field of cracks on its side. (PF thread on that...
  8. I

    I Laws Before Big Bang or After Big Bang

    Interested in thoughts... Did the laws of the universe exist before inflation phase of the 'big bang' allowing the 'big bang' to evolve, or did the laws evolve later...
  9. W

    I In the beginning there was.... a black hole?

    When matter is dense enough (most usually because its own gravity compresses it), it collapses into a black hole. The necessary density is defined by the Schwarzschild radius of that matter: If matter is inside its own Schwarzschild radius, it will collapse into a singularity (as far as we...
  10. Hiero

    I Does a beginning to time imply absolute speed?

    I’m just imagining spacetime that is spatially infinite but has a beginning in time. Naively, there would be only one (class of) reference frame(s with the same velocity) in which time starts simultaneously everywhere. (This is a naive application of “relativity of simultaneity” from SR.) But...
  11. Cerenkov

    B Which Hawking paper? (no singularity at the beginning of the universe)

    Hello. I'm trying to pin down something Stephen Hawking was referring to in his book, A Brief History of Time. During the next few years I developed new mathematical techniques to remove this and other technical conditions from the theorems that proved that singularities must occur. The final...
  12. universal2013

    Beginning through the Pedrotti optics book -- I have an energy question

    Hello. I started to work on pedrotti optics book (2nd edition) and i got confused about what is relativistic mass and why we use it rather than kinetic energy (1/2mc^2)? Also in the beginning of these explanations there is one equation i barely understand nothing out of it. Could you please...
  13. J

    The use and meaning of the three beginning physics equations

    The first three equations i was given is as follows: Vf = V0 + at Vf^2 = V0^2 + (1/2)at^2 x = V0*t + (1/2)at^2 [why do they sometimes use y instead of x or V0,y?] I don't understand in what situations i would use them in nor do i understand why you us V=gt or X=Vx*T. (i understand g can is...
  14. Z

    B Does the rapid inflation of the early universe violate the speed of light?

    I just heard that the universe inflated from the size of an atom to the size of our solar system in 100 seconds. Wouldn't that exceed the speed of light?
  15. ISamson

    B Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning? Study Proposes Alternative....

    A new paper is proposing a new alternative to the Big Bang. His model includes a concept known as bouncing cosmology. https://www.space.com/38982-no-big-bang-bouncing-cosmology-theory.html
  16. B

    Help for a beginner -- How to learn physics starting from the beginning?

    Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Paolo i’m from Argentina and I have 26 years old. I study “skills in the direction of sales teams” and I’m the coordinator of a sale team. Since I was 15 I love all referd to physics and six years ago I start seeing videos of talks from many scientific...
  17. S

    Java Any beginning computer programming course (such as for JAVA.

    Not necessarily for JAVA, but in any beginning computer programming course at a college or university: What will the school, or department, or the teacher require of the students? Need the student use their own personal computer for this? Can student do the work using JAVA without having an IDE...
  18. A

    B Wave-particle-duality and the evolution of the universe

    If I've understood correct, every particle in the universe exists in a waveform, which I've understood to mean propability where the particle does exist? Then which I've understood is, that the wave transforms into a particle only when observed, is this correct? Then if it is correct, how...
  19. UsableThought

    Algebra Looking for a good non-Pearson book on beginning algebra

    A little background first: As my https://www.physicsforums.com/members/usablethought.611113/ explains, I'm a retired writer/editor, never good at math as a kid but always fascinated by physics, who has decided to take a long, slow, pleasurable road toward learning the necessary math to get to at...
  20. S

    Beginning a Healthy Diet: Seeking Advice & Resources

    I'm looking to start a healthy diet. I know next to nothing about what that means. I'm going to start studying up on nutrition. I want to structure my diet around what the most sound and up to date science says on the matter. I'd much appreciate the input of anyone with expertise in any...
  21. L

    Studying Beginning physics knowledge while in middle school

    Hi, I'm slowly making my way through eighth grade, and bored - though I'm set to enroll in an ib high school next year in order to dodge the costly mess, still for the duration of 8th grade I'll probably have a lot of free time, since I have no means of transportation right now. I think that...
  22. Newtons Blue Dog

    Programs Beginning physics degree 6 years after HS studies....tips?

    Hey guys so I'm enrolled to start a physics major this coming semester but have been out of school since 2009 (im 24 now) and haven't done much if any related math or physics study since. Had always been quite good at maths and physics in high school but worried that i will have forgotten a lot...
  23. wolram

    Medical Is this the beginning of the end for HIV

    https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/01/170125214617.htm This seems to be a very good start to controlling HIV I am no doctor but this research seems encouraging."What we've shown in this study is that after several rounds of escape from these particular antibodies, the virus seems to...
  24. K. Doc Holiday

    B Predicting Supernovas: Math Question and Mental Exercises | Expert Help Needed

    I suck at math. Help? Any good at statistics? I could use your help. I like to make nearly impossible predictions but I suck at calculating odds of success. On November 2nd, 2016 at 15:54 Mountain Standard Time I made an astronomy prediction on my Facebook page: P.M.* January 9, 2017: IK...
  25. JhonnyDx

    Did the universe Absolutely begin?

    Did the universe Absolutely begin?
  26. O

    Is having a surname beginning with “A” a big advantage? (journal article authors)

    I read that in some fields the authors of research papers are ordered alphabetically, and therefore having a surname with the letter “A” may give us an advantage since we would be among the first authors (and the first authors get more recognition than the others). Is having a surname which...
  27. Ryaners

    Beginning Sets: Advice on Set Building Notation?

    I've started Book of Proof, the first chapter of which is an intro to sets. Q.1 Is there any particular way to approach these kinds of problems, other than using intuition / trial & error? I tend to have some difficulty in working out the best way to express the general term of a sequence, for...
  28. Davor Magdic

    B Where does a quantum experiment *begin*?

    Apologies if the question has been asked, I didn't see it in my search but maybe I missed it. I was wondering if there is a formal definition of when/where a quantum experiment begins (as opposed to where it ends, i.e. with the collapse of the wave function), and whether it matters. For...
  29. W

    I Is Infinity Inevitable in Our Understanding of the Universe's Beginning?

    Since the success of the Penrose Hawking singularity theorems many people have claimed that the universe must have a beginning . In recent years though people have explored models of the universe that resolve the singularity and imply the universe may have existed before the big bang. In such...
  30. K

    Programs Changed majors -- Was anyone else nervous beginning physics?

    Math has never been a strong suit, but I have always been interested in physics and genetics. I aim at neurophysics for grad studies. My math skills have improved and I enjoy it, soI have switched from Bio to physics as an undergrad major, and now I am super nervous. Any words of advice?? I’m a...
  31. C

    A Refutation of physics in _The Beginning of Infinity_?

    Does anyone know of a written refutation of the quantum physics David Deutsch presents in his book _The Beginning of Infinity_? PS I have no intention of summarizing the material. If you aren't familiar with it, I don't want you to try to argue with a summary.
  32. kdrdgn07

    Studying Suggestions about beginning with Rocket Science

    Hello everyone. I want to be interest in rockets. How I begin? Which books are I have to read? I'm also interesting with aircraft. Especially unmanned aircrafts. I have a little bit aerodynamic infrastructure. I'm waiting your answers. Thank you.
  33. Grandpa Dave

    B Big Bang versus No Beginning and No End.... What is the lates

    Big Bang versus No Beginning and No End... What is the latest chatter on this subject? See discussions under references below. Creation says... "In the beginning, God created heaven and earth"... But science points to much more pertaining to the heaven or the universe. The Earth formed...
  34. H

    Beginning Python, cf dedicated calculator package

    I am no programmer but I want to learn for personal development. so physicsy type guys recommended Python. I downloaded it and have been playing. my goals for programming are three; 1. learn to code just for fun 2. do calculations and numerical calculations 3. input data from transducers...
  35. V

    Examples of Beginning of Bernoulli

    Hi i need a examples of beginning of bernoulli, i will do a presentation of this, i need a original example (object, which have to be a utility in our lives) of Bernoulli, my classmates, they already have a other examples like, aircraft, sailing, atomizer. So i need other one, easy to explain...
  36. Smattering

    Did the universe really have zero extent at the beginning?

    Dear all, The term "big bang singularity" somehow seems to imply that the universe had zero extent at the beginning. But should this really be taken literally? Because if something has literally zero extent, then not even exponential growth over billions of years could ever result in an extent...
  37. TheTuringTester

    Questions After Reading "The Beginning of Infinity" by David Deutsch

    I listened to the audiobook version of The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch on a recent vacation. I'll always associate the drive from Seattle to Gold Beach, Oregon with Physics! I've read some of Stephen Hawking's and Brian Greene's books, but the way David Deutsch worded some of his...
  38. J

    How to learn making circuit from the beginning?

    Hi, I have to set up an experiment of Visible Light Communication system in which the transmitter is LED and the receiver is smartphone camera. I just have knowledge about networking and programming. So right now I have no idea how to build a circuit to make the LED blink to represent 0 and 1...
  39. faiziqb12

    The Electron's First Spin: An Overview

    Homework Statement i was recently talking about uniform circular motion on the forum and i got a question which i need not be solved using quantum mechanics and bla bla but i just want an simple overview of it my question is: how did the electron the first time start spinning around an atom...
  40. J

    Geometry Beginning Trigonometry textbook

    Good morning everyone, I have written a free math textbook, and I'd appreciate some feedback on it. It's about the basics of Trigonometry, including sine, cosine, tangent, radians, the unit circle, a bit on identities, and the Law of Sines, Cosines, and Tangents. I wrote it in a rigorous...
  41. Comfort_Cube

    Is the Big Bang Theory the end of time, not beginning?

    I am by no means familiar with anything in quantum physics, so bear with me. This recent experiment that proved that future events can affect the past for an atom got me thinking, does that mean that, the timeline of atoms is the opposite of ours, and that the end of time for them is what we...
  42. S

    Careers possible if only two beginning computer programming courses taken?

    What are the chances of finding work or a career if an average person were to take two beginning programming courses? Would this be enough for a possible career as a computer programmer?
  43. M

    Beginning a career after grad school

    Hi PF! Just as the title says, I'm wondering how you gained work after finishing grad school? While any STEM field is relatable, I will have completed my Master of Science in mechanical engineering this December and am wondering what some of you have done to gain employment? Do you just apply...
  44. S

    Temperature at beginning of Electroweak Epoch?

    Now, I understand that any discussion of the very early Universe is entirely hypothetical and to say it is extremely speculative is being generous. However, there are a few concepts regarding the Grand Unified Epoch, the Inflationary Epoch, and the Electroweak Epoch that I am hoping someone...
  45. Joe Martin

    Other Theorys for the beginning of the Universe?

    Granted, the Big Bang Theory is brilliant, and viable...but what other plausible theory's are there? Or more interestingly do any of you have any out of the box thoughts? This is more a topic for discussion than answers as such. Thanks for contributing!
  46. E

    C# C# tutorial for beginning programmer

    does anyone know a good c# tutorial for some one with only knowledge in css and html
  47. 1

    So what is your favourite theory for the beginning of the universe

    Personally I like Cyclic model, what do you think is the most interesting, and which do you think is the most likely.Title is meant to say universe As phinds has said the 'creation' of the universe is the wrong word, therefore I would like to replace it with the word 'beginning'
  48. C

    Is Time Just an Illusion? Questioning the Beginning and End of the Universe

    Though I'm not very experienced in math or physics, I find myself constantly seduced by these two subjects.My formal education on the matter is very little but I do try to take as much information as a layman can via videos and layman-friendly articles. I thought about something and , though I'm...
  49. E

    The mass of the sun at its beginning

    Hi guys, so I know the sun is losing mass because it is radiating energy away. This leads me to wonder about some things - I have been trying to figure out what the mass of the sun was ~4.5 billion years ago (current age of the sun). Also I am interested in knowing what the mass will be ~6.5...