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Schools University of HK VS The Chinese university of HK

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    I'm looking for opinions on these universities about graduate physics program (quality of courses, labs etc ...). I'm interested in doing research in relativistic astrophysics. I can't find anything on Google, so maybe some of you have already studied there and could tell me more !

    Thank you.
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    Let me ask you why do you want to apply to schools in HK?

    If you are an English speaking student, and want to go to school in Asia, Singapore is the best bet; their official language is English and National University of Singapore is pretty good (rank 20).

    If you know Chinese, then Beijing University is still better in physics than the HK schools; ranked 27 vs. 51-100 (both of the HK schools).

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    In fact, I wanted some comments from people who already studied there, especially in order to do not see people who swear by ranking ;-). But I thank you for your msg.

    First of all, english is the official language of all HK's universities. Secondly, University of HK and the Chinese university have many funds, in top technology, many prof have done their PhD in top ranked US universities as Caltech and finally, many HK students have already done Master or PhD there. Consequently, I don't really think that HK's universities are that bad in physics research & teaching.

    I heard good thing about Beijing university, unfortunately, I don't speak chinese ...

    According to your ranking, the best univ in asia for physics is in fact the University of Tokyo (where its master's degree is taught in english ;-))
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