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Unprecedented level of spying on consumers using Android and Apple smart phones

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    Quite scary.


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    And it's on Apple devices also.

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    Wikipedia even speaks of the Rootkit controversy and on the Carrier IQ web site, they flaunt their ability to

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    I'm glad that I don't have a cell phone.
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    How many doctors use smart phones to look up patient information and medications or to discuss operations and patients? Can you imagine how many times HIPAA laws have been violated by this little program? It really is essentially a wiretap on 150 million Americans by private companies.
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    I didn't realize someone beat me to this. I did a search before posting but apparently didn't pick up on the words in the title above. Borek pointed this out. I would not object to having the thread deleted.

    I thought this would be an interesting addition to what has already been posted here, so I included it from my original post.

    The carrier's justification for having the software on the devices is to spot problems across a network, where and why calls are being dropped, battery life problems, and general phone software glitches. Apple says it stopped supporting it in the latest version of iOS and will completely eliminate Carrier IQ from all iPhones and iPads in an upcoming software update.

    Aren't rootkits fun ? I wonder if Kasperski's latest tool to detect them has a cell phone app as well as for a PC. I have it on my PC, and it has detected and removed google web page redirects (rootkit) nicely. Every time you execute it, it goes out and downloads a new version of the software in a .zip file, it takes only seconds to run as well. I run the free version. Rootkit insurance is what I like to call it.

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    FYI. Something to mull over...

    FBI using Carrier IQ info for "law enforcement purposes," refuses to release records
    Rhody... :uhh:
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    I must be on a roll today...

    Android Infected? Microsoft Offers WP7 Giveaway
    Be careful what you download people...

    Rhody... :rolleyes:
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    Did this program transmit pictures or video from the phones, or just text? I can't even IMAGINE how disastrous this is for personal privacy.

    Not entering the smart phone market until this is cleared up!
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    Wow. Go me and my 6 year old Nokia. I've been slow on the uptake with smart phones, but I'm less and less concerned about it every day!
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    Smart phones are awesome if you keep in mind that they are basically a computer that can be also used as a phone, and thus require all the care and responsibilities that a general purpose computer does.
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