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Upload of electronic copies of papers from Journals

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    Are we allowed to do it? Or, are we allowed to post links to such uploaded files on an independent server?
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    If the papers are legally viewable to the public for free it's ok. Many papers must be purchased if you do not have a subscription, so those would not be allowed.
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    Of course, I was referring to articles obtained from a Journal requiring a subscription. But, is the uploading forbidden by this website or the Journal, or both? And, could someone explain to me what exactly prohibits one to do this?
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    If you have access to a paper that requires payment, it is for your use only. You do not own the paper and you cannot give it out to others.

    If you want to debate it, contact the journal in question.
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    One can link to Arxiv, on which authors or institutions place papers in the public domain.

    In general, journals hold copyright which precludes further circulation of the articles to which the publishers hold copyright. When one purchases an article, one does not purchase the right to freely distribute it, except under fair use, e.g., for a classroom. The paper cannot be placed [legally] on an open server unless one obtains [purchases] the right to do so.
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