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Schools Upper and lower level maths on the university level

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    My question is, how many maths are physics majors required to take? Are the maths physics majors usually take similar to the maths applied and pure math majors take? In other words, are the maths physics major take, only limited to the three calculus courses and differential equation classess, or do they have to take a proof course and analytical geomemtry
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    here, its pretty much only the three calc courses, some diff eq. and linear algebra, plus 1-2 upper-math electives.
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    In addition to the calc, DE, and linear we have an upper division Math Methods for physicists course where we cover topics such as orthogonal sets of functions, PDEs, gamma and beta functions, etc. There's also an optional second quarter to the class where we cover complex analysis, tensors, general coordinate systems, and calculus of variations.
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    Here Physics majors have to take: The Calculus Sequence, DiffEQ, PDEs, Vector Analysis, and Linear Algebra (proof based).
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