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Urban myth is real

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    Urban myth is real!!!

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080130/ap_on_re_as/india_kidney_racket [Broken]

    I guess where there is a profit, there is a willing villain.
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    This is sickening.
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    I read this the other day, it's horrible.
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    How on earth do they get a match? Someone had to be matching them and keeping them on file till they had a matching buyer......Can a kidney be matched by blood test? Imagine, You go to your doctor for a cold, He takes some blood "just as a precaution" he tells you. 6 months later an order comes in that you match. You wake up on your livingroom floor minus a kidney....evil.
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    Since an organ only lives outside the body for a few hours, and organ compatibility (HLA antigens, etc.) is a very tricky affair, it does seem pretty odd that anyone could extract a kidney from a stranger and actually find a recipient for it before it dies...

    Yes, all you'd need to determine a match is a blood sample, but even that would seem hard to get. If you know someone needs a kidney, what do you do? Go stick needles into a bunch of people on a train until you find one that matches? :rofl:

    - Warren
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    Pretty sad. Have you seen what they do with executed prisoners in China. Let alone how they kill them?
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    Don't they just shoot them in the back of the head? I'll take that over lethal injection any day.

    Or do you mean they have mobile Death Vans, delivering executions right to your door? Because that is pretty horrendous.
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    Then they send a bill to your family for the bullet.
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