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US departments active in Solar physics?

  1. Dec 15, 2013 #1
    I am looking to add another school to my list of grad school applications that is active in Solar physics. Gradschoolshopper has only revealed a total of 6 schools in this field, only 2 of which I know actually have established groups in the field (Montana (already applied) and Stanford). Can be instrumental, observational or theory/computation.

    Any universities with close ties to facilities like NSO or Lockheed LMSAL for instance, besides Stanford? (I don't stand a chance there)

    Thinking seriously of NMSU or NJIT, much more keen on the first, but I'd like to know of more departments that may have escaped me in my search to make a more informed decision. I'd like to apply to just one more school, for financial considerations (totaling 15 applications in a spread of fields and rankings).

    It seems like there's an order of magnitude more schools in this field in the old continent, but offers for studentships aren't advertised until Feb./Mar. afaik. Also not counting on it, since most require a MS, which I have no way of paying for myself.
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