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Usage and sale of Nicotine Alkaloid and Anabasine

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    Hey there!

    I am working in a business development department of an energy production company.
    We just found out that from the materials we are producing energy from it is possible to extract Nicotine and Anabasine too. So my work is to find out where it is used, what is the market price and what is the demand.

    I have found out that these chemicals are used for insecticides and in smoking related industries. As market for chemicals is completely new for me, another my question is, where do these companies, which use these chemicals, buy them from? How to approach these companies and offer our product? Is there anything like Alibaba for chemicals?

    Any help appreciated!
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    Depending on your production levels, you could either try marketing to local vape shops or start up a side business selling your nicotine statewide or nationwide. Depending on your company's sales and legal department capabilities, it could be a lucrative sideline.

    Alternatively, you could prepare and sell both products to pest control companies. Some of them are large enough that they may want all you can produce. Those would have their own legal departments who would be incentivized help you, if your price is low enough.
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