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Useful Computer Programming for Astrophysics concentration in Grad School

  1. Nov 12, 2014 #1
    My objective is to learn programs and techniques that will prove beneficial to my physics degree. I am going on to grad school to get a physics PhD but I will be staying 1 more year as an undergrad. A CS minor is probably too broad for me because I only want to learn specific programs that will help me in graduate school. Could you recommend the most useful CS classes that will teach me essential programming skills?
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    It will depend on what your university offers! If your university offers courses in scientific programming, do those. Programming is a general skill set, it's much easier to pick up other languages when you have the basics down.

    But in astro, Fortran (yes, it's still a thing), Python and IDL tend to dominate. You'll also probably see C/C++, perl, and other common languages.
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