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Using Norton Ghost to Copy VM Setup?

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    Hi all,
    There is a VM setup at work that I would like to copy into my home PC. Would Norton Ghost be able to do the job? Are there other ways ( A VPN is not an option, just in case)? I am just curious, since the VM is itself just software, why is it not possible to just save it as a file and upload it ?
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    Modern software is never just a file. Applications, as part of their installation process, (1) put things in the registry and (2) have a registration process that requires a password (or "key"). Just copying the application's executable and ancillary files and dumping them onto a different computer, will do neither of those things. If what you are asking was possible, a great many people would never pay for any applications, they would just bootleg them.
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    Thanks. You're pretty smart for a cute furry dog ;).
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    You shouldn't need to use imaging software to simply copy a VM, should just be able to shut the VM off and export it to .OVA/.OVF (if using VMware). If you can't find a VM export option, just copy the VM directory (includes all the configuration data and virtual disks) to a USB drive and save to the destination computer running the same VM software.
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    Is this a massive shaggy dog compliment or what?
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