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Using quadratic interpolation in matlab how ?

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    http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/8922/problemcmi0.jpg [Broken]

    Can anyone explain to me please how this problem is solved ?
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    Two ways, take your pick.

    Set v(t) = 35, then use the quadratic formula. OR

    set t = each of the possible answers, which is closest to 35?
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    Well this is basically what i have done But im not sure why im getting to positive values for t ?
    I would like to :
    Please feel free to tell me if the quadratic equation i used is wrong:-

    a=8.66; b=-349.67;c=3523.18;
    qf=[qf1 qf2]

    I got qf=

    21.0571 19.3025

    Is the function in matlab defined as:
    Ax^2 +bx + c


    Ax^2 -bx +c
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    Anyone please ? I have to submit this in 2 days please help...
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    Found it finally :

    http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/2144/partcns7.jpg [Broken]

    This line basically i dont understand:-


    Why minus ? I ued trial and error so i dont really know how i got it. May anyone explain please ?
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    In addition to what i posted:

    Ok now i can see i figured out the answer But what does not makes sense to me is that the velocity 35m/s is obtained twice between 18 & 22 seconds , 22 & 24 seconds. ! So theoretically i should be having 2 answers. Is there a Physical meaning of why im having one answer ?
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    Anyone please help me submission is tommrow
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