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Utiyama reformulation of Gravity

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    could anyone tell me where i could find a comprehensive introduction to Utiyama Mathematical reformulation of gravity ? .. thanks
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    It might help to look at Chapter 3 of Quantum Field Theory by Lewis Ryder. While he doesn't go into formulating gravity in terms of non-Abelian gauge theory. He did nice job drawing parallel between the two formalisms.
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    I found two papers by Utiyama on this subject,

    1. Invariant theoretical interpretation of interaction.
    Ryoyu Utiyama Published in Phys.Rev.101:1597-1607,1956.

    2. Introduction To The Theory Of General Gauge Fields.
    Ryoyu Utiyama. Published in Prog.Theor.Phys.64:2207,1980.

    The second article should be more accessible than the first.
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    Hans de Vries

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    Indeed, It was actually Utiyama who was the first to point out this correspondence in 1956. :smile:

    Regards, Hans.
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    thanks everyone, although perhaps the peer-reviewed articles by Utiyama will be pay-per-view (if possible and someone can give me a link)
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