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UWisc vs UMN for math undergraduate

  1. Apr 21, 2008 #1
    I am an international student from China.
    Now I have got admitted by University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Both are math majors.

    The math rankings of the two universities are similar but the comprehensive ranking of UWisc is much higher. UMN's advantage is the expense. The tuition for intl students is cheap this year.So the total expense of UMN is about 6000 dollars/year less than that of UWisc.

    My family could exatly afford UMN while will be in debt if I attend UWisc.

    I prefer UMN but I am always afraid of the grad application four years later. UWisc's prestige and ranking are better so if I go to UMN will I be in disadvantage regarding the "name" when applying to grad schools?

    I am good at math and owned the first prize of Chinese national math competiton.But because of my very bad SAT score(English is always not my strongpoint) and financial ability I could not apply for better universities or colleges.
    So I place my hopes on the grad application. I want to go to top schools such as MIT,Harvard in the future.

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    These threads have been really common lately, so I will just repeat myself. Both of the schools you are talking about are very good. Go with the cheaper one and save your family the money. Using your time wisely as an undergrad (getting involved in research, perhaps taking grad courses, etc.) is the best way to ensure you will get into a great grad school.
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    Getting into grad school is much more about you than about the undergrad school you went to, assuming of course that you got a decent undergraduate education.
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    Do you have time to visit the two schools? Their campuses are VERY different.

    I would say go to Wisconsin, all things being the same as Madison is a great town! But money is an issue, I don't think your education will suffer at UMN in the least.
  6. Apr 21, 2008 #5
    I am currently an undergrad at Madison in and Engineering program. As has already been pointed out, Madison is a great town. The math department here is good once you get out of the more common classes. The professor are typically quite helpful when contacted outside of class. Madison offers many opportunities to get involved with research, even at the undergraduate level (Junior and Senior years) which will help with your application to grad schools.

    I'm obviously biased towards Madison and have never visited UMN, but I believe you'll have a better overall college experience by coming to Madison.
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