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Velocity and accleration diagrams

  1. Aug 27, 2009 #1
    how do we go about deciding the directions while drawing the velocity and accleration
    diagrams for a given slider crank or slotted crank mechanism.while drawing the accleration
    diagrams,2 components -tangential and radial component need to be shown ,so
    when we draw the tangential component perpendicular to the radial component,in which direction would we take the perpendicular?please tell me, as while drawing it is really confusing
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    Sorry buddy, my answer ll offer you no direct help.:redface:

    That subject takes hell of a time to understand. Just keep reading & try to resolve your concepts, it gets easy afterward
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    but please ,let me know the conventions i need to follow while dealing with
    this topic-it has so many directions-clockwise,counterclockwise.
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