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Homework Help: Velocity and kinetic energy of moving block

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    Originally Posted by lbcc
    so theres a 10 kg block with four different forces acting upon it:
    vertical forces of 50N each
    and horizontal forces of 20N and 50N.

    After 5 seconds, how fast is this block moving?
    and what is the Kinetic Energy of the block after 5 seconds?

    if you could give me the equations I would use to figure these out that would be great..
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    Ok, you have two horizontal forces (I guess they point in opposite directions). From that you can get the resultant force and then use Newtons 2nd law. Knowing initial velocity (I assume the block starts at rest) and the time you can find out the final velocity. And surely you know the equation for kinetic energy?
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