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Venus passes in front of our sun

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    Interesting question to consider. How much of the Sun's energy in percentage was blocked from the earth during its passage across the sun? Would it be Venus pi radius squared divided by Sun's pi radius squared times 100 to determine percentage?
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    Transit of Venus with Condoleezza Rice Goddess of Love to "Bright Eyes"


    Transit of Venus with Condoleezza Rice Goddess of Love to "Bright Eyes" (YouTube)

    Music video.

    5 & 6th June 2012. Photographs of the planet Venus in transit across the face of the Sun. Photographs of Condoleezza Rice.

    Set to music "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel.
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    No, you can't use the actual sizes of Venus and the Sun. You have to use the apparent size. This requires you to figure out the angular size of each object. Once you do that you can find the apparent area of each one and then subtract Venus from the Suns area to get a good approximation of the amount of light blocked by Venus. You can use a calculator to help, such as this one: http://rechneronline.de/sehwinkel/angular-diameter.php
    Just input the first two values and it should give you the angular diameter of Venus and the Sun.
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    In the eighth photo from the top (it's a sequence of photos with subtext "A composite sequence photo of the steps of the entire transit of Venus seen over the sky of Seoul"), Why does it appear to follow a circular track? Intuitively it doesn't make sense to me but I'm sure I'm just not thinking about it in the right way. I expected it to be more of a straight path.
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    I would guess that the camera wasn't rotated as the Sun progressed across the sky. This happens if you don't use an equatorial mount.
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    Or there is some serious pincushion defect to the optics used to capture the sequence.
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    Venus passes in front of our sun! What a cheeky little planet.
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    Transit with the etruscan vase!! :!!)

    I did see the transit here, after a looong wait for clouds to clear......for about a minute... :rolleyes:
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