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Victor Rivelles blog from Eurostrings 2006

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    Victor is ordinarily at Sao Paolo Brazil but just now he is at Cambridge UK for Eurostrings 2006

    he reports an odd thing happened.

    Because Arkani-Hamed didnt show up, they replaced his with a talk by Kaspar Peeters about LOOP, SPINFOAM, and LOLL CDT.

    Peeters is coauthor with Hermann Nicolai of a couple of "outsider" (string theorist) perspectives on non-string QG. These papers ignore some recent developments and tend to emphasize lack of success, but they at least acknowledge the existence of rival theory.

    I would call it progress of sorts, that Eurostrings had an introductory survey talk on non-string QG----even if it was by a string theorist!

    I hope for better in 2007.
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