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Bug Video counting not synchronized

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    This morning I was making and uploading my 25th video here on PF. After I added it, there should be a while before mentor approval,but I found the system counted my video even before it was approved cause I get a 25 vid trophie, and the member page showing I have 25 vids.My media page still has 24 in it though.

    This is the first time I encounter this.

    The problem still exist when I post this thread.
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    This is just a guess. I imagine that the reviewing of posted media is done by humans, but the badge awards are automated. If it is human review, then it probably just took longer than normal.
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    Looks like that is the case. The same situation happens on my 26th and 27th video.:smile:
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    Wrichik Basu

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    I will elaborate a bit on what @scottdave has said above. When a video is posted, it is hidden from public view and held for review. However, the system, by default, updates the number of videos for the user before the approval of videos. They become available when approved.

    If, however, the video(s) are explicitly unapproved/deleted from public view, only then the counter is decremented.
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