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Automotive Video question about car spinning energy

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    Hello dear physicists :)

    I have to admit it's been a long time since I studied physics in the university. And Sorry to disturb you with this video. Of course it is a very bad ad for Camry and the Saudi driving:

    But what catches my attention is how can the car spin that "violently" (as if it was punishing its riders!)

    The car has medium energy before hitting the roadside, and it would be just normal for the car to land after the shock on the floor without much energy. But in reality, it did spin on its "horizontal" axis and, the rotation was getting faster until it finally stopped.

    Difficult for me to understand what happened. Something to do with tire rotors and the sands maybe?

    Thank you.
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    Sorry, its not pg, youll have to describe it to me! its probably just silly animation though.
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    Since the video was taken down by YouTube for violent content, this thread is now closed.
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