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Viruses: A pain in the head and my laptop.

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    My laptop is a Lenovo G450 and I use Windows 7. After I downloaded a Mp3, viruses just joined in my laptop. I saw unwanted ads in Google. I removed SeallePlus and DownSavve in the extensions but it keeps coming back. I use Symantec Endpoint System but it takes long to have a full scan

    1. What is a virus?
    2. How viruses are created?
    3. How do I remove a virus with scan and without scan?
    4. Where is the safest site to download mp3 free?
    5. What is the best software to remove a virus?

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    I think you should use avast. It is very powerful. It will also remove the likely remove the virus.
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    Here's a writeup on computer viruses not to be confused with real viruses:


    Basically, you've downloaded some malicious code by clicking on a link and it has either infected your browser or your system. Some viruses masquerade as Windows system files and once installed begin running when you reboot your machine or execute an infected program.

    One example I had long ago, launched 3 separate programs that messed with my browser. Why three? Well when I attempted to remove them using the Windows process manager one by one (you can only click so fast) the other two would relaunch the terminated one so it became a whack-a-mole problem and I had to resort to a special tool designed to remove that particular virus.
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    If you are just seeing ads, what you have is some simple malware, not a virus. A virus spreads by attaching itself to files.

    Chances are pretty good that you clicked on an agreement that loaded some companion programs when you downloaded the mp3. Like a download manager. NEVER NEVER NEVER load a download manager from any download site. No AV program will reliably help you with that kind of mistake.

    Run malwarebytes. ( https://www.malwarebytes.org ) It will find the guilty files and prompt you to remove them. It is very very good with finding malware. It may be worth your while to buy the pro version.

    (and be careful to read and unclick boxes for other software when you download things or install new programs)

    You can review the performance of various Anti Virus programs here: http://www.av-comparatives.org/
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    Thanks for helping me guys. It's not easy to remove those viruses :D
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    You can also download spybot and adaware. Between the two programs most problems can be solved.
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    I have Norton Antivirus online that comes free with my century link subscription. It works great and updates virus definitions daily. However, occasionally something will slip past it. When that happens, I'll typically use Norton power eraser, it's the best tool I've found to root out an entrenched problem. And the best thing is that it's free :woot:

    Give it a try: https://security.symantec.com/nbrt/npe.aspx
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    Thanks, I am trying power eraser right now.
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    malwarebytes malwarebytes malwarebytes malwarebytes malwarebytes. Run it and tell me how many threats it found/cleared.

    Trust me, malwarebytes is the first thing you should run when something malware/adware-like happens. I have used it many times after my kids have inadvertently installed sketchy stuff.

    If that doesn't work, then you need to use keywords from what is happening to search for solutions. Spybot, adaware, gmer (to look for rootkits), post logs from "hijack this" are all potential solutions.

    Many adware problems are user installed and are not considered real malware by some anti-virus.
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    The easiest way to get music is this... Find the video of the song you're looking for on You Tube. Then copy the "share" url, or the one in the browser bar. Go to the below link, paste the video URL and then click Download when it's available.

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    Yeah, I use that for music from YouTube... seems to work fine.
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