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Homework Help: Visibility of sun in different altitudes

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    I've to show , " at the spring equinox for a place of latitude ø, the sun will become visible at the top of a tower of height " H " feet, about
    " 13.94(root over )H * sec ø "

    But as far i made calculations, i got the amount of
    "4.24 root over H * sec ø "

    I used all the measurements in feet but i could not derive this amount of 13.94 instead of 4.25. .
    Plz someone held me to obtain it. .

    I used this formula
    " root over (2RH)/(2piR *cosø) =time to be obtained/86400 "
    Now plz identify my err
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    Andrew Mason

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    Please explain the problem and the calculations you have made. I don't understand why the sun would not be visible at the base of the tower.

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