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Vision statement on studentship application

  1. Jun 28, 2009 #1
    I'm trying to fill in an application for a scholarship to study medical physics. The instructions are thus:
    My goal is to eventually run my own lab and clinic (within about 15 years time frame), but I can't think of anything to write to make it more than about 5 lines, basically just describing my intended career path (MSc/PhD -> residency -> clinical practice -> open lab/clinic). Any advice on how to flesh this out more, or what else to write about?

    Thanks in advance
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    Some suggestions:
    - add in details about the graduate projects you are interested in working on
    - explain the skills you hope to gain and why they are relevant
    - outline where you see the field going in the next 15 years or so
    - if you do end up running your own lab, explain what work you would focus on
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