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VisiCorp Visi On was a short-lived but influential graphical user interface-based operating environment program for IBM compatible personal computers running MS-DOS. Although Visi On was never popular, as it had steep minimum system requirements for its day, it was a major influence on the later development of Microsoft Windows.

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  1. J

    How Does Flickered Light Affect Our Brain's Perceived Contrast and Brightness of Images?

    Bear with me this will be long, but everything here I feel is necessary to understand the context. I recently used a crt at varying refresh rates and noticed a few things that has made me question how the brain perceives colors on a display. First, is that my crt appears to have more color...
  2. BillTre

    Exploring Insect Vision: Muscles Behind Compound Eyes

    Here's something different: I just heard a podcast about recent biological research. Fly are insects (arhtropods) with an exoskeleton. An exoskeleton cuticle covers are the exposed surface areas of their equivalent of skin cells. The cuticle is usually stiff and hard (to resist mechanical...
  3. KayT256

    B What does "1 diopter of astigmatism" mean?

    The measurement for astigmatism is diopter. But what does 1 diopter of astigmatism mean? Thanks a lot if you help me figure this out!
  4. A

    Idiot with a Vision: Using a Diverter to Purify Plasma

    Let me start off with saying I am just a idiot with a high school level education (and a learning disability ). But i have a idea of using a diverter with a plasma actuator equiped, to generate a stream of negatively charged electrons to attract spent alpha particles and impurities. Tuned to...
  5. F

    Night vision technology vs thermal imaging

    Hello Everyone, I have a thermal imager and I am interested in better understanding night vision (NV) technology. Apparently, NV goggles respond to NIR and SW See this article. NV goggles can see from the near infrared (NIR) to the shortwave infrared (SWIR) portions of the light spectrum. Do...
  6. O

    Rhodopsin Phosphorylation Activation

    While glancing through an ophthalmology textbook several years ago, I learned that the transition between the two forms of rhodopsin (that results in neural activation and, ultimately, vision) can be accomplished through the electromagnetic energy provided by certain radio wave frequencies (and...
  7. G

    I Can We See the Moon From 238,900 Miles Away?

    You can not see 1 grain of sand from 238,900. miles away with the naked eye so why can we see the moon it is billions of grains of sand? We can not see 1 germ with the naked eye, can we see 1 teaspoon of pure 100% germs?
  8. PainterGuy

    MATLAB Why is my Stereo Vision Live Stream Displaying a Black Box?

    I'm trying to perform depth estimation on stereo vision using live feed. I'm using two webcams. The code below doesn't give any error but I only get a block box without any sign of live video! Could you please give it a look? leftCam = imaq.VideoDevice('winvideo', 1, 'MJPG_320x240')...
  9. S

    Physics Computer vision engineer looking for career change into physics

    I am a computer science graduate working in computer vision , remote sensing field for a private company. Been studying physics on my own for curiosity(A levels, H&R books, feynman essentials) . I developed interest in physics few years back and I have been searching for ways to convert my...
  10. A

    How does light interact with objects to create vision?

    Hi Physics friends. Quick Question at a very, very basic level regarding vision. It’s so basic that it needs to be checked out to make sure I’m distilling it properly. Can I do it like this? “At a very basic level, we see an object because light reflects off of it and hits our eyes. The darker...
  11. S

    Is human vision performed concurrently or step-by-step

    Is most of human vision processing performed in a linear step-by-step fashion in the brain or is it concurrent? Let's take for example; for the process of us recognising a pen on a table. Light/information enters the eye, is focused on the fovea part of the retina because we are focusing on...
  12. S

    Do Rods play a role in daytime vision?

    Do Rod photo-sensitive cells contribute at all to daytime vision? If so, what exactly do they contribute? For example, they contribute towards big homogenous shapes, slow moving big objects, etc. I'm interested in whether this applies to any animal not just humans.
  13. chasrob

    The World of Aliens: Seeing Beyond Human Vision

    In a story I’m working on, the antagonists are (humanoid--almost identical to humans) aliens, with 2 eyes, binocular vision. Their tech and bio-engineering is several hundred years advanced from ours. They can see the (human) visual spectrum, but also into the infrared (how far I haven’t...
  14. BillTre

    A Different View of Color Vision Development

    I ran across an interesting little article in a trade mag e-newsletter. I tracked down the original research article, which is sadly pay-walled-in. Color vision depends upon having different photoreceptors that maximally respond to different light frequencies. The brain then recombines the...
  15. Auto-Didact

    I Human eyes can detect single photons?

    I'm not sure where this thread belongs; it is essentially a topic at the intersection between quantum optics, human physiology and even psychology, but I will focus more or less on the implications for quantum physics, so I just opted for this subforum. There is a recent article over Scientific...
  16. J

    Can large static discharge cause vision to see white flash?

    I just googled to see if this was a known thing and saw there was a closed topic on the subject. Usually I like to think of myself as a creature of logic and love to point out when other people distort reality to support their emotions but now I am all alone and trippin' about what follows. For...
  17. C

    B In night vision equipment, how does 'information' transfer?

    So I read a couple of explanations of how night-vision equipment works. Unfortunately I don't remember the sources but my recollection/understanding is that infrared light is converted into electrons and then into visible light. So my question is how does the information by which I mean (the...
  18. D

    Exploring Predator Vision: The Truth Behind Their Sight | Predator Movie Update

    The new Predator movie is coming out soon. I just watched part 1 to 3, and this weekend the Predator vs Alien (part 4 and 5). And there is one thing that is not certain. Do the Predator Aliens have normal vision? In part 1.. it seems to see all red and has such low resolution it can't see...
  19. Wrichik Basu

    What Role Do Cone Cells and Iodopsin Play in Colour Vision?

    As per Wikipedia, there are three types of cone cells. Quoting Wikipedia: I searched a bit more, and found that there are three different types of iodopsin pigment in these cells. Quoting Wikipedia again: Can you say what reaction occurs for each of the pigments when they are exposed to...
  20. Drakkith

    Nanowire Arrays Restore Vision in Blind Mice

    Abstract: The restoration of light response with complex spatiotemporal features in retinal degenerative diseases towards retinal prosthesis has proven to be a considerable challenge over the past decades. Herein, inspired by the structure and function of photoreceptors in retinas, we develop...
  21. Lugonja

    Thermal Night Vision: Physics Explained

    I am interested to know how does thermal night vision works. Can anyone explain that to me, I would be thankful. I want to see the physics perspective on this.
  22. Zeynel

    What would make the human eye see more details?

    First let me tell you the context: There was this recently discovered tiny sealstone depicting warriors in battle measuring only 1.4 inches across. This piece contains incredible detail that modern human eye cannot discern without a mechanical aid. Read more at...
  23. 1977ub

    Peripheral Vision / Sunlight Damage

    If I am walking on a sunny day, looking mostly straight ahead, and the Sun is close to straight ahead but elevated 30 to 45 degrees so I'm not looking directly at it, is there a risk of vision damage?
  24. ramzerimar

    Engineering Job experience or pursue a Master (Computer Vision)?

    I intend to finish my bachelor in Computer Science 3 years from now, by which time I will be 24 years old. I'm very interested in technology and cutting edge fields like Computer Vision/Machine Learning, and I would like to work with something like that in the future. Not necessarily with...
  25. M

    Physics of a visual impairment

    I am not sure of the right group for my question.Medical seems like a place to start. ---- I am monocular with an advancing cataract and macular pucker. Glasses with a corrective plastic lens help me see somewhat better. A pair of tinted No IR UV shields in front of the glasses sharpens my...
  26. G

    What's the aspect ratio of human vision?

    What's the average aspect ratio of human vision as we perceive it?
  27. javier meraz

    B Angle of vision for a real image

    Hi there, i want to know as much as possible about this situation. I want to know the angles of vision for a real image, where can one see the image, the location of our eye to see it. Which factors determine this angle Thank you so much :D I hope this isn't a dumb question, thanks.
  28. teacherman

    Medical When (and Why) Does a Human Baby's Vision "Flip"

    Greetings to all, I realize that there is another "dead thread" about this subject (with a lot of interesting comments) but I think I can add a "new dimension" to the conversation.:smile: I have also put this question out on a few other Science Forums... The human eye is much like the lens of a...
  29. teacherman

    Medical Why does a human baby's vision invert?

    Mentor note: Split the thread in two parts, the other part is here: When (and Why) Does a Human Baby's Vision "Flip". This thread discusses the inversion of human vision, "up/down", "left/right" and 180 degree rotations. Greetings to all, I realize that there is another "dead thread" about this...
  30. Aero_Arnendu

    Live Feed Drone Camera: Infrared/Night Vision & Clarity

    please refer some live feed drone camera with infrared and night vision and good picture clarity in minimum price . thank you
  31. A

    Why Do Microscopes Use Magnification Labels and Vision Correction Uses Diopters?

    Homework Statement - Why is it more useful to mark an objective lens [in a microscope] by its magnification rather than focal length? - Why might it be more convenient to think in terms of refractive power rather than focal length? [dealing with vision here] Homework Equations - thin lens...
  32. Tareq Naushad

    Medical How does our brain create a summarized/average representation

    When I try to imagine face of some persons like relative,friend, celebrities etc. I can visualize them in my mind. I wonder how do brain decide what to show to me in my mind about that person? I might have seen the person at his/her various ages, various dresses, various places. While...
  33. Frozen

    Seeing more than the visible light spectrum

    Maybe this sounds mad, but does anyone think it would be possible to see wavelengths that are beyond visible light, maybe through genetic engineering or through other technology? There are many animals than can see infrared & UV. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see what radio waves look like?
  34. P

    Do carrots really help improve eyesight?

    I keep reading and hearing conflicting information. Some articles say that eating carrots to improve eyesight is a total myth. Others say that, yes, carrots really are a super food for eyes. The latter group says all that stuff about how beta-carotene creates vitamin A which improves the way...
  35. O

    Are eyes the only input to animal vision?

    We already know about echolocation, using the ears to sense objects and space around us (also dolphins, bats, whales and some birds are quite good at this).. But how about using a sensor on our tongue to input visual information. Here is a Scientific American article describing this technology...
  36. chaiein

    How to create a pose graph from the image descriptor?

    what are the different kinds of input can be given to make a pose graph?
  37. L

    How does a banana change the color of light?

    I understand the basics of how vision works, but correct me if I'm wrong at any point. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted from the sun as a byproduct of fusion, in the form of photons. These photons travel a vast distance at an incomprehensible speed, and bounce around the atmosphere a bit. A...
  38. R

    Unraveling the Mystery of DNA in Neuron Cells & Vision

    Hi I want to know whether DNA inside our brain neuron cells helps us process images of what we see through our eyes.
  39. DiracPool

    The biological psychology of peripheral vision

    This happened to me a few years ago, probably starting in 2008. I'd be sitting at me computer or watching TV and suddenly something would shift my attention to a clock somewhere, either on the TV, on my computer, on my phone, or maybe even on some sort of clock related monitor in some public...
  40. T

    Can context and culture influence how we see colors?

    hi guys, i just read a passage about colors to our vision it is a fact that we see an apple being red because it reflects red and absorbs the rest of the colors so my question is, is it possible to change the amount of reflection and absorption of an object and hence we see it with a different...
  41. EvilScientist

    How good is your color vision?

    http://www.xrite.com/online-color-test-challenge Lower the number the better. I wish computer monitors can be used to test for Tetrachromacy. To learn more about Tetrachromacy go here: http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2015/02/what-like-see-a-hundred-million-colors.html I seriously doubt I am a...
  42. Suraj M

    What Causes the "Blind Spot" in Vision?

    I know that the blind spot is formed because of the optic nerve leaving the eye ball. Consider this.. Now once your seeing through just one eye you are not able to identify a small region of your vision, so shouldn't it be just dark or black, rather you just see the surroundings as though...
  43. Suraj M

    Eye and vision during low intensity

    This is something that i noticed.i.e., it happen to me, when i went to my teacher to ask him why it happens he actually didn't believe me, i guess maybe because he was a physics teacher! Consider a room with\ all the lights switched off, let their be a far off light source which is very weak...
  44. jim mcnamara

    Color vision in 300 million year old fish

    http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2014/141223/ncomms6920/full/ncomms6920.html 'Mineralized rods and cones suggest colour vision in a 300 Myr-old fossil fish' Management version: This pushes back in time the probable confirmation of the existence color vision. Interesting point to note: Vertebrates...
  45. K

    Engineering Electrical Engineering and Digital Night Vision

    Hello, I am an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Georgia and will have to give a presentation on my dream job. I have to give specifics on what I would need to know. If I could get some input or maybe a job application that states the requirements. I know Electrical...
  46. X

    Why did this vision of the future never came to be?

    I was looking up space age stuff and stumbled upon some guys blog; He put up a bunch of old science magazine covers from the '50s, 60s. For one, I wonder if people at that time actually believed our century, the 21st century, would really be like what they drew and dreamt of, and why it never...
  47. P

    Looking for data for cone cell responsivity (color vision)

    Hello, 1) I am looking for numerical data behind plots like this one. 2) Also, any information on the experiments the data comes from would be helpful. Are cone cells directly measured, or does it involve a human matching colors to a pure color light source? 3) Will I be able to write a...
  48. mishima

    Medical Losing vision when concentrating on problem

    I feel stupid mentioning it, but I think this happens to everyone and I'm curious if there is a name for this...sometimes when I'm concentrating on an engaging science problem I will lose awareness of what I'm looking at. I suppose its like a daydream but focused on a problem rather than...
  49. DanielMB

    Is our Vision System sensitive to Wavelengths or Frequencies?

    Our Vision System should be sensitive to one specific term, they do not mean the same, one is related with geometry factors (wavelength) while the other is related with beating stimuli (pulse) The frequency of light (f) is constant from media to media, the same as it is in vacuum, wavelength...
  50. S

    Night vision based on OLED technology

    Hello, I started this topic to discuss interesting new night vision technology that was presented on TED talks. Old, expensive and bulky IR (or other light spectrum) IIT amplifier could be replaced with very thin OLED based, cheaper and low power consuming image intensifier which was developed...