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Visiting local engineering companies

  1. May 27, 2015 #1
    I am a high school senior graduating in a couple of weeks. This summer, I'll be starting college on track to complete a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I'm fairly certain engineering is what I want to pursue, but it's still unclear to me what the engineering work space and day-to-day would be like. I had the idea to get in touch with some local companies. Do you think they would be open to letting a student visit and see what they do there? Who would be the best person to contact?

    edit: Realizing this may be the wrong thread. My apologies, if it is.
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    It's a great idea and I'm sure they'd be willing to show you around. Impress them and they might invite you back for summer work or an internship. Contact the secretary and they can help you.
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    Contact their Human Resources (HR) department. You have a pretty good shot at getting a brief tour and contact with working engineers.
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    Also, check with the college you are going to attend. They may have some good contacts for work experience for you.

    A contact between an engineering department at a university and an industry can be brilliant. It can put money, talent, and curiosity together to produce great research. The result can be lots of good journal articles and lots of advances in some industry. Many people get rich and famous.

    At the worst, such contacts are good prospects for jobs. This is true both during our degree, and after you graduate.
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