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Homework Help: Visualization of graphs in three dimention

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    how to visualize three dimentional figures for example quadratic surfaces in three dimention when graph is plotted on two dimentional sheet which is usually the case.
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    Look up isometric drawing.
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    or, if you are talking about transforming an x,y,z point into a x,y point (ie a vector into pixels on a screen) look up 3d projection and perspective transformation.

    Depending on how fluent you are at reading math, the wikipedia article might be what you need. (Though personally, I rarely find wikipedia good at explaining stuff I don't already know).


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    What, exactly, do you mean by "visualization"? A good two dimensional rendering of a 3 dimensional graph should include enough visual information (perspective, etc.) to make the 3 dimensional shape clear. At first I thought you were talking about visualizing a graph when you are only given the formula (say, z= x2+ y2) but, since you say "when graph is plotted on two dimentional sheet which is usually the case", apparently that is not what you are asking.
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