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Visualizing Astrophysical N-body Systems, John Dubinski

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    A new paper came out on Thursday by John Dubinski, co-creator of the Gravitas DVD. It's part technical, and all art. I absolutely love the work this guy does. Blows my socks off.

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    P.S. For anyone interested in more information regarding basic computer visualization, the techniques discussed by Dubinski in relation to camera setup and CIE<->RGB conversion are also explained in the wonderful book:

    Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL, by McReynolds and Blythe
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    the abstract has a URL with extraordinarily beautiful stuff----I guess that's part of the point you were making---even just looking at the stills in the gallery, without watching the animations or downloading the free DVD (which I'm not sure I could manage.)

    http://www.galaxydynamics.org/gravitas.html [Broken]

    thanks for the link!
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    The torrent link timed out for me. Does it work for anyone else?
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