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Volunteers for an Experimental Teaching Tool

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    I am starting a project to develop, with a very diverse team, an open source, modular, web-based teaching tool for math, science, and engineering courses.

    Here is a link to the full project description:
    http://www.rpi.edu/~doriad/TeachingTool/Multidisciplinary_Teaching_Software_Project_6-2-2010.doc [Broken]

    Since the project is not yet funded, we are looking for people who believe in the cause and are willing to provide their expertise to get us started. Of course if things go well, there may be funding in the future!

    Please let me know if you are interested! Please PM me.


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    David, I removed your e-mail address because spam bots will pick it up and you will be inundated. People can PM you, then you can decide if they are someone you really want to give your address to. Likewise, you are more likely to get PM'd than e-mailed, no one here knows who you are.
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    why is new software needed? What's is wrong with conventional CMS like zope and joomla? or more popular content delivery services like youtube or vimeo?
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    You're right - the software may be fine. What I'm claiming though is that there needs to be many people from many fields working together to effectively produce a teaching tool. Typically this is done by the "content expert" alone. He is typically not versed in the "art" of teaching, or learning, or web design, or speaking/lecture, or human factors considerations, etc. I am wondering what it would be like to have a group of experts from each of these fields work together to produce a tool.
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    I see. Well you should want to do totally different things to what you can imagine.

    Look at James Burke KnowledgeWeb for inspiration. Forget the rote top down learning approach. You also need a visionary- not lots of cooks pulling on the design fracturing it into pieces.
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