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In summary, the conversation discusses potential breakthroughs in science and technology, including the detection of gravity waves, the discovery of a planet called Planet X, the use of human embryos in a dish for research, the development of speedy Zika vaccines, the discovery of ripples in spacetime, advancements in AI, the identification of an exoplanet next to Earth, the Great Migration of humans, the creation of pocket-sized DNA sequencers, the ability of great apes to read minds, the development of super lenses, the design of custom proteins, and the popularity of the People's Choice Award for breakthrough of the year. The detection of gravity waves is chosen as the top breakthrough by Science magazine, while human embryo culture wins the People's Choice Award
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Choose from:

Planet X
Human Embryos in a Dish
Speedy Zika Vaccines
Ripples in Spacetime
AI Ups Its Game
The Exoplanet Next Door
Great Migration
Pocket Size DNA Sequencers
Making Eggs
Great Apes Read Minds
Super Lenses
Custom Designed Proteins
The Purge that Refreshes
Lichen is a Menage a Trios
Sticking the Landing

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1. What is the AAAS's Breakthrough of the Year?

The AAAS's Breakthrough of the Year is an annual recognition given by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to the most significant scientific discovery or development of the year.

2. How is the Breakthrough of the Year chosen?

The Breakthrough of the Year is chosen by a panel of experts, including editors and scientists, who review and discuss the most groundbreaking research and developments of the year.

3. Who is eligible for the Breakthrough of the Year award?

Any scientist, research team, or organization whose work has been published in a peer-reviewed journal during the previous year is eligible for the Breakthrough of the Year award.

4. Can anyone nominate a breakthrough for consideration?

No, only AAAS members and affiliated societies are able to nominate breakthroughs for consideration. However, suggestions for nominations can be made to AAAS members.

5. How does the AAAS announce the Breakthrough of the Year?

The AAAS usually announces the Breakthrough of the Year in late December or early January through a press release and in their journal, Science. They also hold a public event to celebrate the winning breakthrough.

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