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I VR/AR big bang model (Virtual Reality Simulation)

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    Hi, I have a silly question,

    Could one, in theory make a accurate model of the life of our universe that one could look at from within. Let's say I put on my VR/AR goggles, 'there' Iam elevated from the earth, then I remain static, and the time begins to rewind. At some point I maybe hear the CMB when it is being blueshifted back (would one hear it?Let's ignore the fact that one would be dead, and there's no sound in space:). Then everything gets brighter and brighter at the last point everything gets uber bright, and then darkness. Where you step out into of the universe and you see it (the universe) all in the room, you can walk around it, put you face very close and see action happening at that particular space and time of the universe. I have no programming skill nor a skill to calculate the math, so if it's possible and someone can - please do, just imagine, what amazing tool it would be to show this to schoolchildren (hell, and everyone else, especially adults:). Where when you can pic a point in the space time of the model, step in, and be in the universe slowly passing time at 1s/s. That would make the concept of space-time so much more understandable to a layman.
    Or would accurate calculations require supercomputers that you guys (physicists/cosmologists) now use to simulate universes? And this is very far from something that could be done on an household PC?

    sorry if this is the wrong forum, wrong prefix or if this actually is a stupid idea or this thing actually exists:)
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    Ah, damn.. well, I hope in several years if the moore's law will not fail us, it will be accessible to home users and schools. Oh well, thanks for the info mate!
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    Big Bang versus No Beginning and No End... What is the latest chatter on this subject? :smile:
    I'm new here so let me know if this is the wrong place to pose this question. G-pa Dave
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    It's not the wrong forum, but you should start a new thread rather than hijacking someone else's.

    Also, before starting a new thread, please find some references for the two possibilities you mention; the descriptions alone are not enough to pin down which models you are talking about.
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