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Water, salt, baking soda mixture to treat sinusitis

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    When I was 17, I had sinusitis. I went to an ear, nose, and throat doctor for treatment. The doctor prescribed for me that I mix salt and baking soda in a bowl of water. Then I was to use a plastic contraption like a squirt gun to squirt the water/salt/baking soda mixture up my nose and spit it out through my mouth. I can see how water could be squirted up the nose to loosen mucus in my nose to clear my nasal passages. What was the purpose of the salt and the baking soda in the water?
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    Just a quick reminder not to use tap water in neti pots:

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    Why is it safe to drink tap water but it's not safe to snort it through your nose and spit it out?
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    Simple answer is that your body was not meant for such a function. Your sinuses and back nasal passages don't have the protection and can be easily infected.
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    Greg Bernhardt, that sounds plausible enough. It just didn't occur to me at first.
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