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Ways to differentiate homework/textbook questions from regular questions

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    As stated, here are a couple ways to differentiate homework- and textbook-style questions:

    1) Have users put a phrase like (not for homework/textbook) in the thread title.

    2) Place a checkmark before the Submit Thread button thart says,"This thread is not a homework or textbook-related question.". Require that users check this mark before their thread is posted.
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    My opinion, not an official forum policy:

    Just saying your question is not a homework or other textbook-style exercise may not be enough. I recommend saying why you are asking the question. Letting others in on your motive can help people give a more appropriate answer -- i.e. at the proper level, giving/withholding the right amount of help, or pointing you to a suitable reference.
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    Note that the HW forum is for homework and textbook-like questions. Generally, even if it is not meant for a homework assignment, if someone is asking those types of questions, they will get the same benefit of it being treated like a HW question as those who are actually doing it for HW.
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    Could I suggest this as a nearly perfect model for both questioner information and answer?


    Look how short and sweet it is.
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