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Ways to measure the speed of a golf ball?

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    Help, I need to find a cheap way to measure the speed of a golf ball in a putt putt type of golf hole and view it in real-time on a PC display? Got any ideas? I thought about using a baseball speed radar gun but thought there must be other good way? Any ideas or have you seen something like this?
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    Can you just use standard photointerrupters? Two emitter/detector interruptors placed a foot or two apart along the path of the ball, like where there is a chute only a few feet wide...
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    There are cheap HD video cameras out there, one I use for fishing has a 30 and 60 frams per second record rate. You might check if some of the PC video software can do a frame by frame view. If you set the interval at 30 frames per second, film a stop watch and check. then set up a tripod and film away. You might want to put down some graduation
    marks to measure with.
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    Apparently there are apps out there that will do this, like speedClock

    Dunno if this will suit your purposes, but there may be others out there that do.

    oh, this likely defeats the purpose of any assignment that may be associted with the request. Please ignore if that is the case.
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